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Transzendental Meditation and Mahesh Prasad Varma, who had happened to have become labeled as "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi"

                                                                                                   Summer 2015

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Part one: Mr Mahesh and his relationship to Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

About his early days in USA that book of Mrs. Olson "a hermit in the house" is there to be read.
Mr Maheh Yogi had stayed in her house for a few months and she has reported about those days.
She reports that he used to say after his lectures "everyone is invited to come for initiation"; yet afterwards he had went - at least twice - to her husband and had said to him that he shouldn't allow this or that person to come; it gives some insight into his behaviour during those days and his way of promising.
"Everyone" didn't mean "everyone"; may be he didn't know how to handle the English language in a (more) reliable manner. Admitted, because of all those false friends, those more than 10 cases of time, about twice as many words as in the German language, to mention a few, the English language isn't a simple language at all.

Let's first have a look at Mr. Mahesh's own story about why and how he had come to Swami Brahmananda Saraswati:
Mr Mahesh had narrated as follows ( I re-narrate it according to his story; not literally but out of memory; that story was presented to me at TM-Teacher-training course at Playa La Antilla/Spain, March to early May 1973 and in the context of several advanced TM-teacher training courses (Seelisberg, Brunnen ,Weggis, Arosa which lay in Switzerland and Bad Kissingen, near Freyung, Bad Zwischenahn which are situated in Germany) - by means of tape/video and I remember it very well):

>>I had been fond of visiting saints. Someday a friend of mine told me about Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. I went there and arrived at night; it was all dark. I felt someone sitting there but I couldn't see anything at all. Suddenly the light of some car - at quite a distance was passing by - and that made it possible for me to see his face for a short moment. At that moment I knew that I had found the right one.
I asked him whether I may become his pupil.
He replied: "What have you been doing?"
I answered that I has been studying physics.
He answered: "Better first finish your study; then you may come"
I asked him: "Where will I find you?"
He answered: "You'll find me somewhere here around"

I went back, was working to finish my study and I was so excited that I had some troubles with finishing my study.<<

(To quote properly, Paul Mason's homepage offers a video showing Mr. Swami Brahmananda Saraswati as the Shankaracharya of Jothir Math. See „Guru Dev Shankaracharya Brahmananda Saraswati, Jai Guru Deva“,Lucknow, April 1952, North India.
As a part of that video, there is a commentary done by Mr. Mahesh in the beginning of that video and Mr. Mahesh calls Him in this context the „Head of Hindu religion“ and later (about minute 3 of that video document) he „narrates“ how he had found to Him. Mr Mahesh has said in that context that he had seen Him in the context of a procession and at that moment he would have known that He would be the right guru for him: „In one of the processions I happened to see Him and when I first saw Him I said now 'fine this is it'; that was the flash to me.“

In fact, Mr. Mahesh sometimes has told a story and at other occasions he has told a rather different one.

May be, he felt that the first story would sound rather „unscientific“ - ..causing to be regarded as, a more or less, „Hippie“-like freak of esoterism.. - and that it mightn't be appropriate to narrate the one or the other story to a general audience.

I' now going to draw my lines of reasoning from the „offficial“ story that got presented
to me in the context of the TM-teacher training course. That TTC-course had been composed and led by a specialist in the field of education from the United Kingdom, Max Flissure)

Let's get on to some conclusions.

Swami Brahmananda Saraswati had given to Mr Mahesh a sort of  verbal contract.
Swami Brahmananda Saraswati hadn't been the Shankaracharya of the North those days, yet.
As a result, that has been a verbal agreement between the recluse (or may be chief of the Swami Krishnanand Trust) Swami Brahmanda Saraswati and Mr. Mahesh Prasad and it hadn't been any contract between some Shankaracharya and Mr. Mahesh at all. Swami Brahmanda Saraswati fulfilled his promise when Mr. Mahesh had finished his study and had come to him.

In consequence, this special situation regarding that verbal agreement, had been such that he probably fulffilled his given promise besides his task as the Shankaracharya. Why shouldn't he have been able to fulfill it like that?

Let's assume that someone teaches maths to someone on a private basis. Later he/she might have become an ordinary professor of university; may-be he/she and the university allow his/her former private pupils to listen to his/her lectures at the university as guests. But his/her guests - who might help that professor by cleaning the blackboard, typewriting his/her lecture notes, looking for literature etc - will not get a degree; they will have learnt it for themselves but neither for the sake of getting a degree nor for making a profession out of it.
It's at least similar to that sitution of buying a CD of the Beatles for private purpose and the fact that that won't be a license to use it in public. Moreover, one just won't have got a license for using it in one's restaurant to please one's guests.

Likewise the relationship between Mr Mahesh Prasad and Swami Brahmananda Saraswati isn't a matter of the Shankaracharya tradition at all. In fact, this I could conclude from Mr Mahesh's own narrations.
It might had been a matter of the Swami Krishnanand Trust, the chief of which Swami Brahmananda  Saraswati had - may be - been those days when Mr Mahesh had asked him first  round about 1938. But even that can't be derived from Mr. Mahesh Prasad's report. 

As a 2nd point, there is Mr Mahesh's own story about how the TM-movement had started. That story shows that some elderly Sadhu had sent him to Rahmeshwaram and  thus that had been independant from the Shankaracharya-tradition, too.
In case that the elderly Sadhu would have been some guru  of the Swami Krishnanand Trust that might have to do something with the Swami Krishnanand Trust.

If that elderly sadhu had been a pupil of  Shanakracharya Swami Brahmanda Saraswati and he had additionally been initiated into sanyasin by Shankaracharya Swami Brahmanda Saraswati, it might have been an action done by the Shankaracharya Tradition. As a matter of fact, Mr. Mahesh hadn't said anything that would have supported any of these two possibilities.

In deed, because Mr. Mahesh hadn't followed that single simple instruction "Take it to be Maya once you are beyond Hardwar" it hadn't rather been anything but a personal, private affair of Mr. Mahesh.

Because Mr Mahesh had tried to establish TM-centres all over the world including all over India, all the four Shankaracharyas - no matter who has been in charge of that job at that time -  had been invited to comment on Mr Mahesh's activities and his teachings - including used mantras, Guru-Puja, effects (..including side-effects..) in the lives of the TM-practioneers - .
Given, Shankaracharya Swaroopananda of Dwaraka - irrespective of the court's decision of those who had claimed him to be the Shankaracharya of the North, too - has a certain authority to talk about TM and to evaluate Mr. Mahesh's teachings.
Shankaracharya Swaroopananda by now fuffills his job undoubted since tens of years; he has a lot of experience. He had also been a desciple of Swami Bramananda Saraswati and knows Mr Mahesh from those days.
In view of these facts, an interview about TM done with him gives important information.  And it was He who has answered some questions as part of that public movie "David wants to fly".

In fact, Shankaracharya Swaroopananda agrees that Mr. Mahesh had been working as a private secretary of Shanakracharys Swami Brahmanda Saraswati for many years, Furthermore, he doesn't say that Mr. Mahesh had been replaced by someone else because of some inability or unreliability to do that job well enough. Consequently, he doesn't doubt Mr. Mahesh's quality as a disciple who he had been those days. Despite this, Shankracharya Swaroopananda critizises Mr. Mahesh's selection of mantras and other aspects of his teachings.

Those who know Mr. Mahesh's teachings in more detail and may be had even taken time  to attend a TM teacher training course to get themselves informed directly and maybe even had attended some advanced teacher training courses have the advantage to comment on certain special points in a more direct and detailled manner and they are more independent of rumour about Mr. Mahesh and his teachings. In fact, they don't have that problem of knowing certain details only by having been told by others.

It might be good to go for a more comprehensive view of the realationship between the TM-movement and the Shankaracharya Tradition regarding whether there is any at all:

If one looks to the "Department of Cultural Studies of East- and South- Asia", university Würzburg/Germany (-> Internet) then one can find that even 3 persons are said to claim or to be claimed to be the Shankaracharya of the North at present.
I addition, the same fact is mentiond at At "indology.info/papers/sundaresan/shank-jyot" (-> internet).
They say among other things:
>>Swarupananda Saraswati's Dwaraka title is undisputed, and he is routinely described in press reports as the Sankaracharya of Dwaraka. However, it should be noted that while his status as the head of two principal mathas is somewhat unusual, and also confusing for the lay public, it had not been insisted that he relinquish his position at Jyotirmath, before taking charge at Dwaraka. Swarupananda had attended the 1979 meeting of the Sankaracharyas at Sringeri, in his capacity as the Sankaracharya of Jyotirmath. He also attended the funeral ceremonies of Swami Abhinava Vidya Tirtha at Sringeri in 1989. In June 1993, a joint statement was issued by the Sankaracharyas, in connection with the Babri Masjid demolition, which Swarupananda Saraswati signed twice, in his dual capacity as the head of both Dwaraka and Jyotirmath. And as Jayendra Saraswati of the Kanchi matha has also signed the 1993 statement, I assume that he too accepts Swarupananda at both Dwaraka and Jyotirmath.<<

On the other hand, there is the last will of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (for instance -> Paul Mason):
>>Extract from ‘Shri Shankaracharya Upadesha’
pages 20-23 of the newsletter of Shankaracharya of Jyotishpeeth
Published 20th July 1953<<

In fact, even the courts in India have to deal with the question who is the Shankarachary of the North these days and they haven't yet decided finally.
So it's not up to me to decide about that anyway nor had it been up to Mr Mahesh Prasad to do so.

There has been a sort of organization that invited Swami Brahmanda Saraswati to become the Shankarachary of the North. That organization, had decided to take back the responsibility to find the proper person for the post as Shankaracharya of the North after Shankaracharya Shantanand - who had been the first choice of Shankaracharya Swami Brahmanda Saraswati - had stepped back. Swami Shantanand Saraswati had been the Shankaracharya of the North from 1953 to 1980. (-> http://www.paulmason.info/gurudev/Shantanand.htm,  this link is from the 28th of July, 2018). May be, he just stepped back because he had fulfilled his task for about 25 years.
May be they had as their line of reason something like this:

Actually, I don't know their reason why they didn't stick to the last will of Shankarachary Swami Brahmanda Saraswati. Maybe, those 4 names had been left behind by Swami Brahmanda Saraswati in case the first three wouldn't want to accept that task. Paul Mason reports "Apparently, when Swami Shantanand decided to retire, he offered Dandi Swami Narayananand Saraswati the post of Shankaracharya but, according to Dandi Swami Naranayananand, he declined and it was agreed that he should instead pursue a solitary existence." Thus, according to Paul Mason, Swami Shantanand stepped down as Shankaracharya on 28 th February 1980, in favour of Dandi Swami Vishnudevand who had been a fellow-disciple of the same guru. It's obvious that not anyone who is offered the post as the Shankaracharya accepts it. Consequently, Swami Brahmanda Saraswati might have decided only about his direct follower as the Shankaracharya of the North and not for 4 followers one after the other.

Anyway, that organiazation who had decided for Swami Brahmanda Saraswati to beceome the Shankaracharya of the North finally had decided for Swaroopananda as the above text, from "indology.info/papers/sundaresan/shank-jyot", explains in great detail (that text had been recommended by means of a commentary in the context of a report of some indian newspaper).

It's just a matter of fact and not my affair. 

Of course Swami Brahmananda might have taken all that into account and he had
done that list of 4 persons because he had supposed that may-be the one or
the other might not stay as the Shankaracharya until his own death.
I really don't want to interfer into that.
It got an affair of Indian court and they will find some solution to that problem some day.

In that last will one can find also something about the Krishnanand trust.
"sivamayam" (? Internet) state in their biography about Swami Brahmananda Saraswati that he had found his master Swami Krishnanda those days at Uttar Kashi (..may be that is why Mr. Mahesh Prasad had went to Uttar Kashi after the death/mahasamadhi of the Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati..)

Now, what tells all that?  The question "who is the Shankaracharya of the North" is an inner Indian problem.
Indian courts have been dealing with that question.

It is said that Swami Brahmanda Saraswati had been killed by poison. It is said that Swami Shantanand hadn't yet been trained fully enough for the "job" as Shankaracharya.
Mr. Mahesh had served Swami Brahmananda Saraswati as the Shankacharaya's private secretary for quite a lot of years.
One can only assume that he hadn't done that job that bad.
I wonder why Mr Mahesh hadn't decided for serving Swami Shantanand as Shankaracharya's secretary as well?
On the one hand they said that Swami Shantanand wouldn't be yet "fit" enough. On the other hand he thus would have been in urgent need of a well trained and experienced secretary all the more, one might think..
Why didn't Mr. Mahesh say: "I have now learnt to do the job as a secretary; I now have two professions: B.A. in physics and well-trained secretary to serve a Shankaracharya.
What to do? They are in urgent need of me...."?

Mr. Mahesh's decision to have left Badrinath shows also that Mr Mahesh had been at Badrinath on the basis of that verbal agreement with Swami Brahmananda Saraswati and not on the basis of „Shankaracharya tradition“. Thus the TM-movement can - from that point of view, too - only be taken to be independent of the Shankaracharya tradition.

Part two: Mr Mahesh after the mahasamadhi/death of Swami Brahmanda Saraswati

Why did Mr Mahesh go to South-India?

Regarding Mr. Mahesh`s activities of teaching one really should know his story about how it came along that he has started to teach even he never had wanted to do that. Mr Mahesh has reported it as follows:

    When he had stayed at Uttar Kashi (after the death of “Guru Dev”), he found an elederly sadhu with whom he “felt well”. They used to sit together practising their meditation  some times. Some day Mr Mahesh faced a problem with his “staying in samadhi”:
    A thought kept on coming into his mind “Rahmeshwaram”; it didn`t come all the time but repeatedly; just that thought “Rhameshwaram” (a famous Shiva temple in South India). After a while he asked that elderly sadhu about that “phenomenon”. The elderly sadhu looked at him in a manner like “Oh, it seems that you aren’t yet a real yogi”.
    Then the elderly sadhu said: “Go there and come back to get rid of that thought; but don`t forget that it’s ok down to Hardwar; beyond Hardwar it’s the world of MAYA”.

(..To be objective, I mention here that at the homepage of – I suppose - Paul Mason I once happened to see a postcard that had been handwritten by Mr. Mahesh. By means of that postcard he had given an ok to a wealthy woman to acompany her to South India; and that postcard dates exactly at that time at which - according to his other story  - he had got  that advice from that elderly sadhu.  

May be both stories don't contradict and Mr. Mahesh just had combined both aspects:    His problem with that thought and the wish or desire of that wealthy woman.  

May be.too, he hadn't spoken compehensivly truthful to that elderly sadhu and in reality he wanted an advice whether it would be ok to accompany that wealthy woman. May be that had been the thought in his mind and not merely „Rhameshwaram“. May be that woman had just wanted to go to Rhameshwaram  out of good reasons of pilgrimage and she hadn't wanted to do it without a proper guide because he had once read the Yogavasishta and about the possible  dangerous effects that had happened to prince Rama those days.  May be she had thought Mr. Mahesh to be a reliable guide, may be she had erred in that....

As a matter of fact he has went to South India. There are many possibilities and let's take Mr. Mahesh's "offficial" story. It's the right decision from the point of view of  the assumption of innocense. 

Mr. Mahesh had been the private secretary of the Shankaracharya Swami Brahmanda Saraswati for quite some years and even in that documentary movie "David wants to fly" the present Shankaracharya of Dwakara Swami Swaroopananda has confirmed that Mr Mahesh had been that private secretary and that he had been in that job until the death of Swami Brahmananda  Saraswati. Mr. Mahesh can't have done that job that bad; he can't have been a completley wicked man; he can't have been completely unreliable and a man who had been lying out of habbit.)

    Mr Mahesh followed that advise and ffinally arrived at Rhameshwaram. There he went for meditations into the temple for some weeks or even months. After that period of time he felt “Now it’s alright, it’s gone” and he started his way back to the valley of the Ganges. 

Mr. Mahesh couldn't return inspite of the advice of that elderly sadhu: 

    Somewhere near Madaras he has been approached by a man who has been running a bookshop. That man asked Mr Mahesh:

“Do you talk?”  

Mr Mahesh replied or may be just expressed:   

“What you call talking talking, yes, what you call lecturing, no”.

Mr Mahesh has been quite sure that he had expressed 1) that he hasn’t done a vouch of silence and 2) that he didn't want to give lectures at all and 3) that he didn't want to teach at all.

 Yet that man came back and said to Mr Mahesh that he had announced lectures for him and that he would be in need of the headline for his lecture.

 Mr Mahesh was surpised, “took it to be the will of God”, gave that man the requested themes and asked him for a copy so that he could know about what he would have to lecture about.

 Mr Mahesh has said in the context of his TM teacher training courses that the lecture had been very succesfull and one such lecture after the other had got organized. Mr. Mahesh Prassad added that just like that the whole “movement” would have come about. 

Analysis of that situation which caused Mr. Mahesh not to return to the Ganges valley 

Now what’s interesting in such a situation?
A man doesn’t want to do something
and yet another man creates a situation that the first man would have to do what he doesn’t want to do. In addition that man who has got forced to act
had expressed just before, right-away from his own  clearly – as he has been convinced - that he would neither want to lecture nor would he want to teach.

According to the standards of the western world a severe, unacceptable violation of freedom has happened there.  

How to explain the reasons for that “violation”?
Western standards call for „assumption of innocence“.
How to explain truthfully „the why and how it has come about“ of that problem?    

Tourist guide information from Baedeker's India published about 2000:

In the year about 2000 a tourist guide about India got published by Baedeker and I happened to read in that book a story that Duke Elington has reported in a biography:
Duke Elington had stayed in South India, near Madras in a posh hotel. He went for dinner in his hotel and took his decision according to the menu card he had been given. He asked the waiter whether that what he had decided for were available. The waiter shook his head. Duke Elington decided for something else and asked “is it available?”. The man shook his head once more. Like that it went on for about 4 days. When Duke Elington said that he would like to have some oceanic food and asked whether it were available the waiter shook his head again. Duke Elington then thought: “We are here next to the ocean and they don’t have oceanic food?” and he decided to understand not to accept any longer the shaking of the head as a “no, we don't have”. And it had just worked. (By the way, that story from Mr. Duke Elington I wrote about is to be found at Baedeker,6th edition, 2009, page 157,  The head line is “further source of misunderstandings”).

    The story shows that there are parts of India where a certain shaking of the head is used to express a “yes”. (Compare to Bulgaria that is a member of the Europeanean Union.) 

Application of Baedeker's tourist guide information to that situation of Mr. Mahesh:

    Now back to Mr Mahesh. Mr Mahesh didn’t like to use the word “no” as one could see when one has been round about him for a while. Instead of saying “no” he used to shake his head. He used to try to avoid to use the word “no”.
(..I once had just went to Weggis/Switzerland where Mr. Mahesh had resided those days. I had a look at what had been going on there; I just observed it for about a fortnight; I didn't join any activities …). May be that trying to avoid the word „no“ was in itself a consequence of what had happened at south India those days in the late 50'th of 1900. In that case his „talking - yes, lecturing – no“
would have been still his conviction, his wish, his only free decision in the that context of those tens of years of not having been able to avoid that  he god involved into the opposite of that what he has wanted, decided for and has expressed repeatedly.

A resulting explanation: 

Drawing all together, I suppose that Mr Mahesh had said to that librarian “What you call talking, yes;  what you call lecturing” ; after these words he shook his head instead of using the word “no”.
(...May be one more reason for that might  have been that after so many weeks of silent meditations he had been in a habbit of avoiding any word which he thought he could avoid. On the other hand he had already been on his way back and thus moving his body had already become a habbit again. May be had beeing practising Yoga Asanas in addition and thus „moving his body“ never had got out of habbit. After weeks of taking silence, not talking, meditation a lot one really can get into a habbit of avoiding talking; I rember that it had got to me even a little bit ´stressful' to think in terms of German words...) 

Cause and effect: 

And it seems to me that thus he had happened to cause that misunderstanding that he then has taken to be “the will of God”.
He has been fully convinced that he had expressed „I don't want to lecture and that means that I don't want teach, too“.
The owner of that bookshop has been fully convinced that Mr. Mahesh had said:
„I talk and I even give lectures; to give lectures equals that he would like
to teach, too“

Who has made the mistake in this case? Who has caused the trouble in this case?
Obviously Mr. Mahesh Prasad's uncautious way of answering. 

More thoughts in this respect:

    If Mr. Mahesh would have really followed the advise of that elderly sadhu,he would have had to take that “violation of his expresed will” as something like: “Oh, that must be  due to MAYA and obviously not necessarily due to the will of God. Of course it's better not to take it to be caused by evil-mindedness but at least it would be best first to draw into account  that it might be a phenomenon of misunderstanding and thus a phenomenon of illusion, of MAYA”.

    Yet Mr Mahesh prefered just to take it to be the will of God. May be Mr. Mashesh had forgotten that instruction “Don’t forget, beyond Hardwar is the field of MAYA”.

    The advise of that elderly sadhu given to Mr Mahesh  would have been an astonishing thoughtful, beautiful, secure, good strategy to handle such problems and it would have fit perfectly to the situation in which Mr Mahesh had got into.

    This shows in what sense it’s very true that Mr Mahesh “made a fool out of all” (including Himself) as that Song of the Beatles "Sexy sadie" says.
Whenever the work around lecturing and teaching had got to much for him, he seemingly left it to others with the lame excuse that “I had said that I don’t want to lecture, you want me to teach, it’s your karma not mine”. To be more precise one  would have to say that Mr Mahesh had been on piteousness.

It might be good to compare to that song in praise of Yogi Govinda available from Swami Brahmanda Saraswati; the refrain is „you fool“: 'Shri Charpata Panjarika Stotram' ('Bhaja Govindam') sung by Guru Dev, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbEDqdJSxoo

Shankara's story about "snake and  rope":
    There`s also that story of Shankara that even Mr Mahesh has narrated sometimes:
    Somewhere there was a rope laying around in some forest. A man has come along and hasn't looked at it clearly and then has started to spread the rumour that a dangerous snake were there.
    People were forbidden to go there etc and a big upheaval occured. It went on like that amidst fear and “don’t go there!”, etc until someone looked objectively to that “snake” and saw that it only had been a rope.

(...A newspaper once reported that at the USA a young man had been put into
psychiatry because he would have talked stupid, mental sick stuff all the time.
Some day a doctor happened to come along who had once learnt to speak a little
bit of chinese language and He understood that man very well. That man never
had talked „mental sick stuff“, he had justed talked in his mother tongue,
namely Chinese language; as a matter of fact he hadn't known how to speak
English language; Anyway, that man hadn't been mental sick at all.
Sometimes it's really just a matter of properly looking at something, someone, etc....)

    A teacher of religion (Pater Wisnet) has told to us at ground school ( about 1961) that once he had been at Papa Neuguinea to spread Christianity. He had to go across a river but it was rather difficult to get down to the river. Thus he had been very happy when he saw something that he looked at as the solid stem of a tree. Yet when he had put his foot onto it, he noticed that it had been a boa constructor, a snake with a length of more than 10 meters.
    He had taken a snake to be something like a rope.
  Thus that problem as such isn't even foreign to christian cvilization at all. The situation had been rather dangerous for Mr. Wisnet of course.
He would have done well to had thought in terms of „I'm in the world of MAYA,
let me have a clearer look, first“.

At a TM-center I once got witness of the following phenomenon:
One young man had been near finishing his study. Some TM-teachers in his centre now talked to each other in the following sense: "Better we choose him to become the centre-leader, now; otherwise he might fall off working for the TM-movement after he would have finished his study; finally working for the TM-movement is the most important thing, it’s like having to do the will of God….” .
    See that was some such upheaval like
“don’t go there, there’s a dangerous snake” in the context of “snake and rope”.
Such strange, eveen dangerous and harmful behaviour might result in dangerousness, too. As a matter of fact that young man never got into
the career which he had decided for before he had started TM.

    These two examples show that both sides of that teaching of the philosopher Shankara are of practical importance.
In several tourist guides Shankara, born in south India, is talked about in terms of  „philosopher of religion“; he isn't talked about in terms of „founder of religion“.

Another example has been the „discovery“ of America by Mr. Columbus:
Mr Columbus thought himself to be in India and thus assumingly had treated
the humans there according to his knowledge about how ordinary people from
India had been said to behave unless they would be some criminals, etc.
As a matter of fact school books in Germany teach that Mr Eratostenes from ancient Greece calculated the circumference of the earth rather exactly by means of some shadow and a well at a certain day (he has used certain laws about angeles at parallel straight lines) some hundered years before the birth of Jesus.
As a matter of fact Columbus had been able to know the speed of his ship and the average speed of his journey rather precisely (..on the basis of that rope with nods in it..) by the time he had seen the land of America for the first time.
In Addition he could have known rather exactly the distance between Europe and
India by means of using the path accross the arabian countries, etc.
Thus on the basis of that simple information from Eratostenes he really should
have known that he just hadn't been able to have reached India yet.
If he would have known that then may-be he would have behaved properly to those hitherto unknown human beings who he had met there.

    By the way, Shankara is said to have come from the South of India; may be he had been familiar with exactly that problem of shaking and nodding the head
and may be that had caused him to think about it in a comprehensive objective,  sort of philosophical manner.

Mr Mahesh, according to the line of reasoning in my report, had taken a “yes that he had happened to express against his own intention” as “I had expressed a no”.
As a matter of fact he couldn't return at all to that sadhu way of Life which he had re-decided for when he had left the Ganges Valley to get rid of that thought. According to what that elederly sadhu had said to him   Mr. Mahesh has died in the ffield of MAYA.

Now, what tells all that?  

Conclusion of part I: 

The question "who is the Shankaracharya of the North" these days is an inner Indian problem.
Indian courts have been dealing with that question.
It's just an Inner-Indian problem.

Conclusion of part II: 

If Mr Mahesh had been mixing up "shaking and nodding the head in South India and thus had got into the world"  - It had been a very Inner-Indian problem.
At least it might have been like that and that would be ok in the sense of
„assumption of innocence“. That "Assumption of innoncence" would have to be applied to God/the Gods and Godesses", too. That is why it cannot have been well done, to just have taken it to be the will of God/Gods. No God would ever cause some beeing to get drwan into such problems of misunderstanding/illusion etc; that would contradict the very meaning of the word "God"/Gods&Godesses.

Thus the objective conclusion would be to go for a proper „strategy“ for handling the TM-movement and Mr. Mahesh's activities.
Of course Mr. Mahesh might have decided to talk only what he had once
thus heard by (Shankaracharya) Swami Brahmanda Saraswati. Someone might
be on a wrong trip and yet he/she might talk „truthful“, „useful“ things.
On the other hand it might have been due to that „misunderstanding“ and thus
Mr. Mahesh might have never wanted to become anything else but a really good sadhu and a good, reliable seeker of Truth by means of having had become a desciple of Swami Brahmanda Saraswati.

On the other hand it's somehow a fact that Mr. Mahesh bothered the whole world with his personal, private problems.
Why had he ever been given a passport to leave India? Why should it ever has been ok for an Indian on the sadhu-way of life to leave India for the sake of talking, teaching, etc? Mr. Mahesh didn't want to leave India for the sake of „asyl“. If seems to had been due to Mr. Mahesh having caused that misunderstanding by using body-language instead of words, Mr. Mahesh never had been persuaded in India and thus at court it should have been simple enough to come to the conclusion that he hadn't been persuaded in India and thus he couldn't have got „asyl“.
Obviously Mr. Mahesh never had come out of „touristic“ reasons to the world
outside India. 

Thus it would have been simple to handle Him in a dignified, truthful
and yet decisive manner, on the one hand.  

On the other hand, it's a matter of fact what has come about, including more or less problems that have obviosuly been caused by the „TM-movement“, including more ore less compulsary initiating people here and there, the these-days problems at Fair Field Iowa with those childs from brahmin caste, destroyed careers, etc. 

I don't deny positive effects of TM and getting a little bit insight into
classic Indian philosopy, teachings like Bhagavad Gita, Shankara's jewel crest,
Yogavasishta,Swami Brahmanda Saraswati,classical Indian fairy tales,
Anuradha Paudwal and her Shakti-song, etc 

Looking at the result, the TM-movment, and to the situation that it looks to be the true that rather view people got into problems because of the TM-movement and guite a lot of people got desirable, good results that were rather well within that sort of predictions that had been given in the introductory lectures  it might have been easily realizable and appropriate to handle those rather few people who have obviously got into problems because of the TM-movement by means of insurance. That would have required that the TM-organitzations would have been such that the TM-teachers either have got insured by the TM-organizations whenever they do/did initiation or it would have been necessary for any single TM-teacher to go for his own private insurance and without that he/she would not have been allowed to initiate. (Maybe it es rather well comparable to the license for driving a car. Getting the license is  the one thing; actually driving a car is another thing. For actually driving a car one has to have a certain insurance - at least in Germany and the EU.)

But some things can't be said to be ok for sure:  

Some initiator violates the principle of not beeing allowed to initiate anyone of minor age without written permission of the parents and then the TM-movement and the society try to give the debt to that youngster.

Some initiator gives wrong promises

Some initiator interfers into private affairs of TM-practioneers

Some initiator doesn't stick to the routines of teaching.

Some initiator misuses the privacy of an initiationroom for sexual attacks, etc (...comparable to to the well-known problems of roman catholic church in the past..) 

If one looks back to what Swami Brahmanda Saraswati has said to the young Mr. Mahesh when he had asked him to be allowed to become his student one  cannot but accept that Swami Brahmananda had said; "Better first finish your study - then you may com".  

Thus I would decide if a pupil or student wants to help in the TM-center or applies for becoming a TM-teacher: Better first finish your study, then you may come!  

Also it doesn't make sense nor has it ever been necessary for the growth of the TM-movement that financially not selfsuffficent people work fulltime for the TM-movement. Thus one never should have allowed thus people to work fulltime for the TM-movement, Better life a good life as good as humans obviously are able to do (...see above as general overview for instance...) and once you are retired and have a regular income from aging insurance or well earned enough wealth you may come. 

Unfortunately the TM-movement hasn't taken care of it's - seemingly rather few - victims volunteerily. Thus ist seems appropriate that the state authorities create suitable rules to be followed by law. 

Especially those problems of submerging would have to be taken care of. One might for instance decide that any TM-teacher are only allowed to teach in the nearer surounding of where they live. Even the TM-teacher-training courses might better be given on regional scale. As long as there are no TM-centers, etc in some regions of the world it would be best not to be allowed to  decide for anyone else but for the next TM-center and not for far-off TM-centers, TM-teacher-training courses etc.  Shankara's concept of 4  seats of learning in the 4 corners of India (south,east,west,north) points into that direction anyway. 

But all those are questions for specialists of law, organization , insurance and not for me.  As a matter of fact I know from some climbing facility of the German Mountain Club  - and climbing is a dangerous sort of athletics for sure - that the general problem with those of minor age can really be handeled in a much better way than it had been the case in the TM-movement.  The members of that mountain club, by the way, have a special insurance in the case in accidents, etc in the context of their athletic mountain activities. Mr. Gopi Krishna has written a rather shocking book "Kundalini" (in german language for instance published by O.W.Barth.Verlag); of course his case is obviously very special and whether it ever has been caused by awakening of Kundalini or by wrong feasting etc in the years before is a completely other question. Anyway a suitable insurance in such a case would be helpful as it has been in the personal life of  Mr. Gopi Kirshna, 

Part III: Last Will of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

    One should know one more fact: When Mr Mahesh has talked about the death of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, his “Guru Dev”, he used to say, that after a while some little paper with just 3 names on it appeared and it were taken to be his “last will” about who should become the Shankaracharaya of the North after his death.

    In the Internet, however, one can find an official last will of Swami Brahmanda Saraswati that had been done by help of a notary and that had been deposited at the notary. That was not a small paper with just 3 names on it!

    Mr Mahesh had been the private secretary of Swami Brahmanda Saraswati over many years (the present Shankaracharya of Dwakara - and one of those who got claimed to be the present Shankaracharya of the North - has said that as a witness in an interview that got part of the movie “David wants to fly”).
    As the private secretary, I think, Mr. Mahesh should have known very well that an official last will had been done and that it was that document that “was found” after the sudden death of the Jagad Guru of Jothir Math in 1953. Thus, I’m sorry, it is the truth that Mr Mahesh didn’t tell the truth always; he had thus tried to make himself “to look greater” and the Shankaracharyas – that had been initiated into sanyasin and who had been selected by Swami Brahmanda Saraswati as those who were able to pass on his teachings in a certain reliable manner  – to look like “rather unimportant”.
The situation since the stepping back of Shankaracharya Shantanand might
have added to his rather low evaluation that that hadn't been of special importance for Him. He never had been initiated into sanyasin, he hadn't either decided to serve the Shankaracharya tradition as private secretary of Shankaracharya Shantanand nor by staying at Badrinath and thus it's not completely unlogic that he just didn't bother about whether offical last will or small sheet of paper or whatsoever.
Yet he should have stayed with the mere fact that there exists an
offical last will. His beviour in that respect was not scientific at all.  


Part IV: The TM-movment attacked by revolutionists?

The facts and Mr Mahesh's attempts for explanation:

I have happend to listen to a certain video that showed Mr Mahesh talking about the comunistic revolution in Ethopia that took place right at the end of his teacher training course at Ethiopia in 1974. (…the first TTC-course on “African ground” as he said..) repeatedly.
I heard that “talking about” several times (4-5 times all together) from about end 1974 to spring 1976.
I could listend to it at a rather short distance of time (..at the end of 1975/spring 1976..): 4 1/2 month. 

Mr Mahesh has explained that as a matter of fact that revolution had taken place shortly after his course had come to an end.
(Mr. Heile Selassi got asassined as a result of that by the way, -> internet).
Mr Mahesh had been somehow deeply shocked and – different from other shocks – he somehow couldn’t get rid of it.
There was that feeling that it had to do with his course. 

Mr Mahesh tried to explain what had taken place and he suddenly stopped to even try to talk in those scientific terms that he had been trying to maintain throughout so many years.. 

Mr Mahesh said that as a result of so many people practising TM – at such a rather small spot – quite a lot of ‘sattva’ might had got produced. When the course had ended that production of sattva had come to an sudden end and as a result of that lack of affluence of
sattva such a thing as that revolution might have happened.
(...What had he thus said, too ? He has said that TM would be a very dangerous something if it would be practised in larger groups more often a day...)
It was obvious that he hadn’t understood what had happened; he had been searching for an explanation to soften down that deep feeling within him that there had been some “link” between his course (...better expression would probably be:  between „him“...) and that revolution. Of course he hadn't wanted to get drawn into things like communistic revolution. He had used to talk in favour of evolution and had used to reject that principle of communistic revolution. (...I remember quite well a audio-tape that I once heard between 1971 and 1972. Mr. Mahesh had been asked about communisme and he stated that he would reject revolution and would be in favour of evolution. Of course
that had just been words....) 

Organizational changes as a result: 

His explanation about those happenings in Ethiopea never could convince me. 

As a matter of fact Mr Mahesh handed over all organizational responsibilities to the so-called “board of directors” after that revolution had taken place.. 

Within about 1 year the “TM-movement” got changed into something that got labeled – for instance – by Germany as a dangerous sect.

There had been a very strong influence of the US-TM-organiaztions; there had been the rumour that “sect” would have had advantages in the field of tax and that would be the reason for those strange changes which hadn't been supported anymore by some TM-teachers – including me -. 

That principle of „locally available centers for teaching“ whose teachings would have had to meet the standards given by Rishi Vasishta,Shakti, Vyasa, Yogi Govinda, Shankara, the great masters of vedic knowledge and would be in accordance with truthful, basic prinicples of so-called „western science“ was something else and got more and more past since Mr. Mahesh – as a matter of fact - didn't take anymore care himself of the organizational  aspects.  

Till then there had been that sort of freedom, of tolerance, of lively interest in the field of knowledge and afterwards more and more rigid boundaries; suddenly they started to organize separation on the basis of Sex: Own courses for the ladies and own courses for the males, etc; they started to interfer into personal fields which never had been their affair.  

After all that looks like a somehow good mark for Mr. Mahesh inspite of all the mistakes that had been done by TM-teachers in contradiction to what they had known to be have taught by Mr. Mahesh regarding organizational stuff:
In spring 1972 I got initiated into TM by a student of economy who passed his examen about half a year later successfully. He had done that personal interview and when he got to my age he said to me, that I am of minor age and that is why I will have to bring written permisison by my parents. I said to him, that I won't get it for sure and that I don't mind because I might come 2 years later equalle well. I mentioned that I had only come because of a lecture at school and I felt that I would be pleased to be able to tell at school that I won't be able to ask that question - which I hadn't been able to answer - because I would have required written permission of my parents – and not of that stupid teacher of German language – and that I dind't get it, thanks to God. Instead of staying with what he had just told me to be the organizational rules given by Mr. Mahesh he just gave me a date for initiation forced me to ask my parents for that written permission and then he just initiated me without having ever got a written permission from my parents! Mr. Mahesh Prasad musn't be blamed for that and similar mistakes of TM-teachers. That TM-teacher had enough general educatedness; in this special case one can't even say that it would have been Mr. Mahesh's mistake to have accepted Him to beccome a TM-teacher....).

Assassination of Tatwale Baba: 

One more – may be - linked fact in that context is that Tatwale Baba got assassined at the end of 1974. 

Tatwale Baba had lived in a cave near the “ashram” of Mr Mahesh and (..as I had been told by some TM-teacher already about 1971 who had been deeply shocked when he had heard about the death of Tatwale Baba in 1974 ..)Mr Mahesh is said to have used to send someone of his helpers to Tatwale Baba to ask him to come down into his ashram from time to time. (...regarding at least some of those early TM teacher training courses that had still been done at Rishikesh...)
Tatwale Baba then talked to those TM-practicioneers, answered questions, …
Tatwale Baba had been a sort of friend of Mr Mahesh. 

Thus those two attacks - that had been attacks against Mr Mahesh  in the above sense - happened within a short period of time:
Assassination of a friend and  the revolution in Ethiopia, 

He who had assassined Tatwale Baba regained his freedom already after about only 1 year of prison, by the way. (see internet reports…).

My own explanation and further facts: 

When I had heard Mr Mahesh’s talk twice within only 4 1/2 months and after having heard it 4-5 times altogether I suddenly started to remember those reports of German politicians like Dr h.c. Franz Josef Strauß, documentaries in TV, etc regarding those young supporters of communisme – escpecially – in 1968: “Long way through the stately organizations to convert there functioning eventually”.

I got to the result that another possible explanation – leaving Mr Mahesh’s explanations as a hypothesis – would be:
Some such young supporters of communisme had failed to infiltrate those stately organizations and they had – may be – altered their plan to infiltrate international organiazations like the TM-movement in the hope to be someday able to manage a turn-over towards communsisme in India, Nepal, etc.

I remembered the TM-course at Kössen in autumn 1971 which had been attended by Mr. Mahesh (...Bramcharya Satyananda had been present, too...…). 

First I've to explain my own situation in the context of that TM-movement:

I had been practising TM since spring 1971; I had still been of minor age until march 1973, I hadn’t got written permission by my parents for learning TM, etc. Of course I hadn’t falsifed such a permission!  - Some people in the TM movement stated later that I would have had falsified. Those are lying! -. 

I had not been able to avoid to ask for initation because my teacher of German language and Geography – a certain Mr. Schmaus. - had violated the law that should garantuee the means of freedom of learning and means of freedom of teaching….Thus I have had a pupil-like objective approach to that TM-movement and I hadn't started from my own at all.
If that teacher would not have interfered I hadn't asked for initition before I would have had reached full age; if I ever would have asked for iniitiation in TM I don't know, because I hadn't taken any decision regarding that...

My presence at Kössen and what I got to know there, too:

(..I had been there without written permission of my parents because no-one from the side of the organizers had asked for that at all. I had had to apply for that course at the German SRM those days. I didn't know anything about "rounding' and no-one explained me how to do it, etc. When I checked in I merely got a sheet of paper with the information to do 6 rounds a day and to take part in all the meetings; as one of minor age I should take seat in one of those two rows rather in front. I only took part for the days in the middle of those 4 weeks...) 

Some people here and there said to me at that course at Kössen/Austria in autumn 1971:
” Oh look that man there, he was/has been one leader of the student’s big demonstrations in 1968.
Look at Him, He was/has been chief-ideologist of SDS – Socialistic German Club of Students -“, etc.

In the context of that course someone suggested to Mr. Mahesh that someone should take care of the TM-movement's relationship towards the Soviet Union.
Mr Mahesh then gave that job to  a certain Mr. Peter Hübner.
Mr Mahesh said literally to Him: “Take a Mercedes and go”.
(... I remember that very well because it sounded very un-yogic and didnd't fit at all to the general meaning of the word „Yogi“...)

Mr Mahesh had wanted – until about 1976 – that all over the world there should have been five organizations for spreading TM; he somehow liked that idea:                                    “5 senses,5 organs of action, 5 TM-organizations“.

Yet, P.H. has founded a 6’th organization, his own organization, in Germany.
That organization had been different. P. H. selected the people who had been his local representives.
A young Dr. of philosophy had been P. H.’s man in Munich.
That Dr. said to me once (in the context of a weekend-TM-Course at Kössen a very few years later): “I have been a convinced communist until I started TM”.
The German expression for “until” is „bis“ and that word has two meanings in German language;
1. It can just mean „until“ (a preposition of time)
2. It can mean “I was so convinced to even to do such a ugly thing as to learn TM and to disguise myself as a TM-teacher” as well.

All that I remembered when I had listend to that speech of Mr Mahesh about the ethiopian communcistic revolution in spring 1976.
Aha, may be they had disguised themselves as TM-teachers to be able to get into other countries and to be able to communicate with each other in a hidden manner for the sake of managing those revolutions.

By the time the Soviet Union had come to its end, communisme in Ethiopia came to its end, too. 

Somehow that would ffit very well to what Mr Yuri Bezmenov has been talking about.        (I have got that information by means of a homepage named „Beatles Bible“; one added a commentary and placed– thanks to him/her/them - that information there. Thank you, too, to those have made that commentary available, too.) 

Yuri Bezmenov, former member of KGB, has delivered an explanation, too:

Mr Bezmenow had been KG-agent and fled to the USA disguised as Hippie in late 1970. There's a video at you tube with an interview done by Mr. Griffin. Mr. Bezmenov tried to explain to the USA that concept of ""deception" which he had been trained for. 

(One might look for instance to:  G.Edward Griffin Interview Of Yuri Bezmenov, https://www.youtube/....; -  a translation into German language I once have found at Dolomiten-Blog), Jun 21,2009... - This is an interview done by G.Edward Grifin in the early 1980's with Soviet Defector Yuri Bezmenov ...

In some part of that interview Mr Bezmenov showed a foto that showed Him together with his boss and Mr. Mahesh. Mr. Bezmenow explained that the KGB had quite a lot interest in Mr. Mahesh.

            Of course I do not join the idea of Mr Brezmenow that all those who
            have been practisting TM, Yoga etc are fools. Freedom can yield
            unexpected effects. Those attempts to have somehow tried to  
            calculate emotions, etc to turn free human beings to willing   
            followers of the stupid atheistic theories of that cruel Mr. Lenin
            - who himself gave the commandment to kill the imprisoned last „zar“
            and all of his familiy, including the small childeren - and others
            might very unexpectedly turn out to have caused very different
            effects. After all it are the Soviet Union and KGB that ended in the
            1980th and not the attempst for a dignified free world.

            The German Magazine „Spiegel“ reported in their frist edition in             
            January 2000 that Sigmund Freud had attempted to destroy „religious
            devoutness“ by means of his psychic methods. Spiegel reported that
            somehow the opposite had taken place.     
            Sigmund Freud had taught that one could say in general that
            „religious devoutness“ would be a sort of  sickness that he had
            called „Kollektive Zwangsneurose“.

            Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx have one thing in common:
            The science of statistics and the science of decision taking theory
            (including game theory, vector optimization,etc) hadn't been
            properly invented, yet; it hadn't been availaible for them as a
            matter of fact. (Mr. Freud had finished already his main theories.) 

            Sir Isaac Newton had been in a similar situation. But he invented
            that required „Calculus“ properly by himself.

            Sigmund Freud and Karl Marx had expressed their fanciful ideas
            and the tools to seriously check those „theories“ themselves
            had neither been available nor had they invented those required
            mathematical skills properly.        
            Their incapability to have invented those tools properly they – and
            their teachings – have in common, too.


My personal decision to leave the TM-movement abruptly because it had been impossible otherwise. 

I left the TM-movement rather abruptly in summer 1976.

I didn't talk much about my above insights/supposals.
In the TM-movement there had started that rumour that CIA had got interested in the TM-movement. Of course the rumour had been that their results had been very positive and not at all ending up in doubting TM as such, doubting the usefulness of that spreading TM, etc. Just rumour in favour of the TM-movement.
Being a German I didn't see any necessity to approach them from my own.

I thought that such things like the Ethiopian communistic revolution might be something for the CIA (not that club who had been commiting torturing, kidnapping,etc later) but for sure not for me.
I sometime mentioned those facts when talking to German state officials and I was rather astonished that the German state authorities hadn't been very interested in it at all. 

If I trace back to how I had got into the TM-movment at all, I can't but state that it had been that teacher of a stately German school who had violated that commandment of the allied military goverment that had taken care of Germany after world war II and have done a good job with their basic principles for a proper school system. That teacher had violated the freedom of the means of learning and the means of teaching. Above all I got to the fact that Yuri Bezmenov had feld to the USA in autumn 1970. That teacher Mr. Schmaus had choosen that theme "science of Being and Art of Living", that TM-theme for my compulsary lecture in the context of the scool subject "German language" and that lecture of mine took place in the 10th of march, 1971. Thus the secret services of German - who had to cooperate with the USA anyway - had had enough time to stop that teacher's stupidites. Even though Mr Bezmenov had warned the west in autumn 1970 that German teacher still could force a pupil of minor age into that  submerged "TM-world".  

By the way: Dr Deepak Chopra writes in his article: >> The Maharishi Years  - The Untold Story: Recollections of a Former Disciple (11/17/2011 08:22 am ET) among other things: 

..."August 1, 1991 saw the publication of my book"...

...."A few days before the book's publication, I was in Fairfield, Iowa, to participate in a meditation course. Maharishi was supposed to address the assembly on speaker phone from India, but the phone call didn't come through at the appointed time.  We all dispersed."....

..."A couple of hours later"....

..." I quickly got out of the meditation and phoned my parents in New Delhi. My mother picked up the phone and told me that Maharishi was very sick. "They think he's been poisoned. Come quickly," she said."....

..."a wealthy TM donor had been kind enough to charter a plane for me. When I arrived in Delhi, it was past midnight. I first went home. My father was not there, and my mother told me he was still with Maharishi"...

...."My father informed me darkly that after drinking a glass of orange juice given to him by "a foreign disciple," Maharishi had suffered severe abdominal pain and inflammation of the pancreas, along with kidney failure followed by a heart attack. Poisoning was suspected. Over the next few days Maharishi's condition worsened."....

...."My father was of the opinion that Maharishi should be taken to England for a course of kidney dialysis."....

..." My father and two other doctors chartered a plane and brought Maharishi to London. I remember standing outside the London Heart Hospital, watching an ambulance navigate the snarled traffic, sirens wailing.  Just before it arrived on the hospital's doorstep, one of the accompanying doctors ran up with the news that Maharishi had suddenly died. I rushed to the ambulance, picking Maharishi's body up -- he was frail and light by this time - and carrying him in my arms through London traffic.I laid him on the floor inside the hospital's doors and called for a cardio assist. Within minutes he was revived and rushed to intensive care on a respirator and fitted with a pacemaker that took over his heartbeat. The attending physician felt that Maharishi was clinically dead. My father suggested that we keep him on life support, however, until the family gave permission to take him off. As fate would have it, after 24 to 36 hours the attending informed us that Maharishi was recovering miraculously."...

..."Maharishi's complete recovery happened slowly"....

..."In all, Maharishi was out of circulation for almost a year; few in the TM movement knew where he was"...

Part V: Mr Mahesh and his fondness of electronical means of communication 

Mr Mahesh has passed on mantras via earphone and microphone. 

Has it been really of such urgent need what Mr Mahesh Prasad had done by means
of his having had spread TM?

I was very astonished when in early May 1973 Mr Mahesh „made“ TM-teachers by
means of microphone and earphone. Any teacher is supposed to be able to talk
to about 40 pupils (who aren't very silent often; during my 3rd or 4th year of groundschool my teacher, Mrs. Hartmann, had to teach two complete classes at a time in one classroom for about half a year; that had been about 60 pupils at a time; ok I remember how deeply concentrated she had to perfrom her work for
having had been able to manage it and how honestly pitty she felt for not beeing able to take care of single pupils in need here and there.) in a classroom without microphone, amplifier, etc; they – at groundschool – are required to teach for about 4-5 hours a day. That shows that Mr. Mahesh really should have been able to pass on those „such precious mantras“ in about 2-3 days to those about 1000 course participants (50 silent adults at a time; ½ hour per initiation, 5 hours a day; that results in 500 participants per day and thus 2-3 days should have been enough in favour of a rather comfortable and fitting manner. Assembling with only 250 persons (they had been in need of enough room to perform puja) would have ended up in about 4-6 days. 1 week should really
have been enough to do it properly and in acordance to what he had been
claiming for: „personal instruction“.
That whole situation of having passed on the mantras like that in comparison to
his words in his book „Science of Being and Art of Living“ was somehow deeply
disappointing; that lacked dignity and credibility.

Thus Mr. Mahesh has expressed that Mantras might be passed on  by means of earphone,microphone and amplifier as well.

One of his speacial TM-teachers (for advanced techniques), Mrs. Eickhoff once
passed on Mantras via earphone and microphone, too.
She sat at a distance of about 5 meters to those whom she initiated; she used to
assemble not more than about 5 people around her. Individually she then passed
on the mantras via earphone and microphone and the amplifier had been such that
all who sat there could also here the mantras which she just had passed on to the others. (She had spoken such loud, too).
What a scene of ridiculousness!

TM-Puja had been taught to those about 1000 course particpants at Playa la Antilla, Spain by means of audio-tape, video-tape, amplifier, earphone (those groups of up to more than 100 people who had been in need of translations, for instance the German language group) , etc.
All the so called „knowledge“ had been taught by such electronic means.
The course had been designed – from the point of view of teaching (...I don't criticize him ... – by  Mr. Max Flissure (UK). 

What are the conclusions?

Why not pass on TM my means of roboters?

A few years later one might have comfortably trained all those initiators at less costs via internet-phone from a place in India!
Thus it had been up to the Shankaracharya Tradition itself to do such a thing
in case they would have ever thought it to be useful.

As special effect of such a line of thought, one comes to the result that
noone would have ever had a legal reason to go into other countries
on the basis of some lame excuse like wanting to teach TM there.

A rather few 10 years ahead one might have taught that automaticized
TM-teaching by means of Roboters in a much more reliable, cheaper and
- in principle - not worse manner.

If one might pass on mantras by means of electronics, why shouldn't roboters be
allowed to do that puja, select the mantra on the basis of a properly handled – electronically done or by means of a scanned sheet of paperly fillout on the basis of nothing worse than recycled paper - fillout, do TM-checking by means of voice-recognition, etc?

No sexual proplems like the theme in „Sexy Sadie“, the report of that lady in „David wants to fly“, etc.
No problems with wrongly selceted mantras as have been happening in the case of those human initiators. (...One lady became TM-teacher herself about 1975, she came to me afterwards and reproachfully she said that that Dr. of Philsophy who had been busy in Munich between autumn 1972 and summer 1976 had given her a wrong mantra when he had initiated her a few years before...).
No problems with TM-iniators who have violated - because of their eagerness to initiate, their eagerness for money, etc - ,the principle that "no-one of minor
age must be iniated without written permission of their parents".
(....No problems with youngsters who might have falsiffied such a written permission because the roboter would have kept his data very well, either...). Above all a roboter itself doesn't "mentally" get influenced by what it does; it remains the same before its "initiating-activity" and afterwards; it doesn't involve itself emotionally.....). 

And above all that might have been done by a well-trained secretary of the
Shankacharacharya of the North who might have had some training as physisist
(...B.A. etc) some additional training on the basis of that B.A. in electronics and software-ingeneering, etc. - or that person might have learnt that addionally required needs by his own as many other physisists etc have done throughout the world...): Other people who have been ready to serve a Shankacharya for such a thing might have lived in India, too.
And it might have been done on the basis of a decision made by the Shankaracharya of the North or the 4 Shankaracharyas (….or – may be – the chief of the Swami Krishnanda Trust...):

Of course humans might start to memorize all what those roboters could do
and they might be able to do it in a responsable manner themselves a few years later. Such learning wouldn't be a nonsense because some day roboters might exist no longer (for instance if the technical civilization had destroyed itself, certain resources had run out, humans had lost interest in all that poluting, cruel, crude  technical stuff...)

This altogether shows that the activities of Mr. Mahesh Prassad might have
been not in accordance with true knowledge about mantras , not in accordance with true knowledge about „handing down knowledge about proper mediation, etc“  
or too.
Another possible conclusion were that Mr.. Mahesh had been caught up in something like excessive desire for action or so, too,
Mr Mahesh had seen a „no“ in his „yes“; „yes“ because it had been He
who had walked to South-India and it had been He who     hadn't prepared his
journey well by means as reliable as a well-done tourist guide, etc.
It had taken Mr. Duke Elington about 4 days to get to the proper conclusion
that in certain regions of this world a shaking of the head usually means „yes“.
Mr. Mahesh never got to such an insight and never talked about his
decision to have taken it as the will of God in the light of „may be it had been due to a misunderstanding“-.
According to scientifc standards that hadn't been a very good work at all.
Fine, he was satisfied with just spreading TM and to stay within that „book about TM“ - as he once called it at Kössen – which has just 7 chapters,
7 states of consiousnes. As long as he would have done that properly – fine.
Whether he has done it properly is no appropriate theme for me, because
I got initiated compulsarily – against my expressed will of have wanted to respect my parent's „no“ - and thus I have to withdraw myself on the ground
of bias.

By means of such a roboterized spreading of that „TM“ probably by now much more people would have learnt to practise such a TM in a benefiting manner.
And in case those who had thus started would find themselves ending up in
a good growth of yogic ideals, no longer wanting to kill, to injure, to hurt,
to polute themselves and the environment, etc they would know: „I have started
that on my own“.
And in case some govermnent would decide that before the
roboter can start there must be a hint that such a growth in yogic abilities, yogic virtues might be a result  - of regular practice of that TM - that it might result in problems with one's family, one's society, jobs, professions, etc (….jobs which are in opposition to a life in accordance with non-violance, not-killing, brahmcharya, etc …)  then a roboter wouldn't mind and „patiently“ it
would first pass on that information and would require a „yes, ok“ before it
would continue and start the iniating process.

Mr Mahesh and his concept of 8 steps of Yoga; his opinion about the Patanjali Yoga Sutras:

Mr. Mahesh once has talked about Patanajali and those eight steps to yoga.
Mr. Mahesh has said that the proper understanding would be that it wouldn't be
eight steps to yoga but eight limbs of yoga.
Mr. Mahesh has said that it were like a table with eight legs
and if one pulls one leg all the other would come along. 

Thus he has said that by means of daily practising that momentary samadhi
by means of TM „Ahimsa“,“Aparigraha“, bramcharya“, „yama“.... etc would come – in a  automatic, causal manner - along, too. 

Yet, that might result in a loss of job if someone had been practising cutting the trees, killing animals, destroying gardens for the sake of making new constructions, etc.
Thus such a hint that those growing yogic virtues might cause conflicts
in day-to-day life would have been very useful and necessary right from the
beginning of the teaching. 

As a matter of fact Mr. Mahesh hadn't known that when he had started to teach and he hadn't thought of it before he had started to teach.
Mr. Mahesh used to say that „all that knowledge would have come up one-by-one because people had been asking questions, etc“; it's obvious on the basis of
his own words that he hadn't that insight when he had started to teach.
This shows once more that he had been no trained teacher.
For being prepared to teach someone would have to know all that in advance
and he/she would have to tell the „pupils“ all that honestly before he/she
initiates anyone:

It's obvious that it would be of practical use if one knows ahead that one
starts to go for the growth of yogic virtues such as „non-violence, not-killing.

basic knowdlegde about human Life and living as good as possible:
It's obvious that a human being with its 50 to 90 kg of weight in average
and its maximimum speed of 9.7 seconds to something like 20 seconds per 100
meters, etc, his average intellegence, memory and thoughtfulness  cannot kill an elephant, cow, rhino, any sheep, goat, lion, tiger, etc by mere chance at all because those animals usually keep enough distance on their own and because they are tall and strong enough. Similar statments hold true for fish, shark, etc because they just have a different place where they live.
It hold's true for birds because they usually live up in the trees and they are
very alert and ususally fly away in time when a human comes along with its
maximum velocity of running in an even  non-precautious manner.
Its interesting that it's hard to catch even a small fly if one wants to bring it out of one's dangerous living room in a loving manner into the world of flowers, plants etc.
Thus creation itself is such that human beings are able to live without killing
other creatures to a certain very comprehensive and great extent.
Of course one might kill an ant etc by mere chance, that might happen; this
world is as it is. But with a little bit of good will one can get to know
at least some „streets of the ants“ and one might take a larger step accros
such a street instead of stepping right into it.
In addition there are certain very small and very dangerous animals, too
(Poison) and thus the human beeings are in need of being cautious anyway.

On the other hand  humans are intelligent enough to live in such a precautious,
thoughfull maner  that lions, tigers, etc won't happen/be able to kill or injure
them at all; that holds true in the case of all dangerous – even very small ones – animals, too.

Human beings might practise the natural means of birth control and thus
overpopulation can be avoided in a simple manner, too. Of course that gets supported in a decisive manner by the principle of independence (-> statistics)
and at least in that sense by the principle of freedom.

This shows that no new land for farming would be necessary at all.

If the human beings would decide to live from those fields which exists already then all primeval forests, trees, bushes etc could be protected without any exception from now on.

In addition it's common sophisticated knowledge that human beings can live
in a good vegetarian manner, too.

If one makes a hilly field out of of a flat field then the surface would get increased and thus – to a certain extent – one would be able to start to give back land to nature, to the re-growth of primeval forests, etc

Of course it would be good for creation if human beings would live a better way of life and they really should live as good as they could which can't be difficult at all in that obvious very natural manner.
It is deviation from that natural good way of life that requires effort resulting in stress, danger, etc.
For certain one wouldn't do harm to the world and thus a creator of that world;
one would at least do justice to one's natural ability to live a good way of life.

I don't reject the growth of yogic virtues at all.

But one should tell the beginners of something like TM ahead that that might
(or may be even is the planful goal of it anyway) be a result of such a practise of TM, etc.
If someone knows ahead then he/she thinks about how he will be able to make his living amidst his society when he goes for growth of yogic virtues.
He/she might search for a new job, further qualifying or even new profession in time and he/she would know ahead that he/she won't have much chances as long as he/she has no other profession.

That is why I criticized that Mr Mahesh hasn't talked about the growth of yogic virtues ahead. 

Mr Mahesh and the TM-movement, beginning and end: 

Mr. Mahesh had taught to teach TM by means of SRM, SIMS, etc
and all the initiators had to sign that they wouldn't initiate on their own.
Yet, suddenly, Mr. Mahesh dissolved SRM, SIMS etc and the iniators got tried to
be forced to sign the „laws“ of a completley new organization.
A few years later a new organization. (...Such a way of organizing had nothing to do with scientificness like a good university. In case of an university one has to do justice to one's subject and one doesn't get bound to the specific university....)

Thus it used to end in „nothingness“.

When Mr. Mahesh said some day by means of that international press conference (had been weekly on wednesday round about 5 p.m.) „I damn the democracy“, etc
then this shows again that he even wanted all to end up in „nothingess“.
And it was Mr. Mahesh who explained by means of his appendix to his commentary
of the Bhagavad Gita (pinguin paper back): „MAYA is that which is not“.
Thus it seems to have started due to Mr Mahesh's not handling the theme of Maya
properly (not deciding in accordance with the advice of that elderly sadhu)
and it seems to have been designed to end in MAYA due to Mr. Mahesh's ignorance about „independence“,„freedom“, the desire for a „free democratic world“, etc.

One thing has to be noted here:
Those secretaries of Mr.Mahesh who had seleceted that US-journalists question
„Maharishi, what do you think about democracy“ had been given - as matter of fact – the choice to select my question:
„Mr Mahesh, did you know those days at South India that shaking the head might
be understood as yes? Might it have been that just some misunderstanding
had happend and that it hadn't do with the will of God,gods at all but it had only to due with „not-knodwing“ and thus „something that was/is not“?

His „followers“ prefered to keep on bothering Mr. Mahesh Prassad with
all those diffficult questions (..Must a sadhu be able to answer questions about democracy, last will, etc in case he/she just lives a real good recluse way of life?...) and Mr. Mahesh reacted in that manner „I damn – that – democracy“ and
may-be he meant „I damn that stupid sort of handling freedom of yours; all the
time you talk about freedom; I have told to thousands of TM-teachers in the context of the TM-teacher-traing course freely - and even a little bit shameful for me - what had happened in South India those days and that I never have wanted to teach. Why didn't you
respect it? Why did you keep on organizing as big huge lectures, meetings
etc as to a limit that I would feel obliged to go there on my own to avoid the worst?
Why didn't you just think in terms of your „concept of freedom“?
„He has said that he never wanted to teach: Ok let me respect that, adios (..a dios..) Mr.Mahesh,"
..Oh, may I help you to get out of your problems, may I bring you back to the
valley of the Ganges, to Uttar Kashi?“  

Nothing like that has come: The only things that have come
were „trying to make money out of his activities, his presence here and there“, „trying to make him a star“, etc.

Thus in case that had been the first time that Mr. Mahesh had said that
nonsense then it has been the mistake of his secreatries like Dr Haegelin, etc;
they had keept on bothering Him one time to much!

It's not my fault: I had informed Mr Mahesh about that understanding by means of a question a few years before his death and I had even offered Him to pay for a travel back to Uttar Kashi!
There is no doubt about it: Mr Mahesh had been handled cruelly by Westerneers; blind of eagerness to gain enlightenment many obviously had completely forgotten to do justice to the simple, basic principles of freedom and basics of a dignified free democratic world.


Part VI: This and That, remarks


  50% of the mantras that Mr Mahesh has used were classical mantras, knowable from the ancient scriptures according to an interview with one Shankaracharya. (I have read that in a "TM-Ex"-publication) The rest of those so-called “mantras” were more or less freely invented by Mr. Mahesh. "Mantra" is a different theme and I'll comment on that later.

    Of course one can read something and one can make something useful out of it; yet, unfortunately, sometimes bad things are made out of information here and there. Mr Mahesh’s teaching activities caused both: Positive effects, but more or less harmful effects have resulted here and there, too.

In the book "Zauberformel TM" by Michael Mildenberger and Albrecht Scholl,                   ISBN 3 7615 0243 5 one can find a list of so-called TM-mantras at page 64 (edition of 1977). At page 60,61 of that edition the authors mention tantric meditation and they state in an emphasized manner that TM (initiation and practice) were different from tantric  ceremonies and practice. It's obvious that TM has nothing in common with what is usually understood in the west by "practice of Tantra". 

Looking for the answers at the Shankaracharya of the North:

As a conclusion of my report, someone might think that it would be a good idea to go to the Shankaracharya of the North instead of continueing to search for such knowledge in the “TM-movement”.  That might sound rather logical. Yet there’s one very servere problem:
    In the magazine “Alpinwelt” of the German Mountain Club - for instance - one once could read  that “Sickness of    Height” might occur even at a height not higher than 3000 meters. The seat of teaching where a Shankaracharya of the North is used to stay during summer time is at Badrinath temple and that temple lays at a height of more than  3000 meters. Thus it cannot be useful in general to go there at all.
    Mr Mahesh has made many people eager for such knowledge; yet he couldn’t even tell them a safe path to fulfill that thurst for such knowledge.


The Beatles' „Sexy Sadie“

If it had been all due to that misunderstanding then one would see that Mr Mahesh used to laugh with one eye and at the same time he cried with the other one.  The title “sexy sadie” of that song of the Beatles thus looks like having hit the situation of Mr Mahesh rather well. (sadie - from "sad")
    On the one side he had always been very sad about the missed chance for his wanted carreer as a real good celebetarian sadhu and on the other side he had that strange sort of "laughing eye", too
    In the film “David wants to fly” a lady reports about her sexual experiences with Mr Mahesh by the way. Thus the Beatles’ hint at even un-celebetarian sexual activities of Mr Mahesh (-> the Beatles Bible, Internet)  got supported by that witness a few 10 years later . (That sort of documentary had been in the cinemas, too) and from there "sexy" Sadie.

Mr Mahesh and his two professions:

Mr Mahesh Prassad had something like a B.A. (I also have written already "M.A.) in physics and  due to his time with  the Shankaracharya of the North Swami Brahmanda Saraswati he had become an experienced private assistant of a Shankaracharya, too.

Thus Swami Brahmanda Saraswati had improved the social stability of Mr.Mahesh.
He could still have worked as something like a teacher of pyhsics and
he might have worked as secreatry at a Seat of a Shankacharya, too.

When Swami Brahmanda Saraswati had died all of a sudden Swami Shantanand would have really been in an urgent need of a well-experience secreatary. Thus I wonder why Mr Mahesh didn't want to apply what he had learnt practically during his times as the secretary of the Shankaracharya of the North Swami Brahmanda Saraswati. Why didn't Mr. Mahesh serve Shankaracharya Shantanand as a very experienced and well-trained  personal assistant ? As a matter of fact Mr Mahesh did exactly that what he hadn't been trainend for at all. That's really very strange.

Instead of making use of one of his professions he now – it seems like that – tried to go for becoming a „real“ sadhu, he tried for a recluse-way of life.
Yet the later facts of his life show that he didn't succeed in that at all.
As a secreatry of Swami Brahmanda Saraswati he certainly had to do quite a lot
of work but he obviously had time to listen to the lectures of the Shankaracharya etc.
In the context of the TM-movement he then had much less time for his own meditations, etc. He complained once that if those TM-people would keep on bothering him until 4 in the morning they wouldn't have him for very long.
And what he lived had nothing to do with a sadhu-way of life in the sense of what Swami Brahmanda Saraswati had been living according to the narrations of Mr. Mahesh.

His efforts to bring physics and Indian philosopy together had been rather
poor. What a nonsense to apply physical laws like „Meisner Effect“ to that 1%effect“-study, etc!
That appendix in his commentary to the Bhagavad Gita that deals with
Vaisheshika seems to me rather useful and helpful.

His efforts to organize his TM-activities had been rather strange, too:
First he wanted SRM. Then he added SIMS, etc (5 organizations), then came something else all of a sudden; in between he created a political party
„naturall law party“ and finally he ended up in a sort of strangeness:
It might be similar to that Salvation Army that calls itself an army.
Likewise that „monarchy“ might understand itself as a Salvation Monarchy.
But that would be the best case. Mr Mahesh had founded those 1% parties
before, he – at least - twice said something like „I damn the  democracy“
and in the context of USA he said something like „the sooner the free democratic system of the USA is off the better“, etc.
Thus it's very doubtable that they understand themselves as something like Salvation Monarchy. But may be they are able to learn and improve.


TM and TM-experiences: 

If one has learnt TM and got to that experience of transcending, momentary samadhi may be even - fine, one might have experienced it repeatedly or not. Fine, one might have been able to objectively think about it even in terms of the Bernoulli Law of big numbers  after  a few thousand times of having had practised it  (..thus not necessarily in need of the knowledge about the special fitting statistical distribution..).
If someone has taught TM to 100 persons and 99 persons got succesfully to that transending then one might say something like: "Ok. if I do further 100 initiations in that same manner it'll be alright to expect with a probabilty of 95% that I'll be sucessful in about 95 cases".
(Regarding "Statisics", look "Ingenieur-Statistik,Prof. Dr. Josef Heinhold,Oldenbourg-Verlag for instance.)

In that sense TM had been called to be scientific and that had been rather
accepted all over the world..

What does that tell, too?
One had been a non-enlightened TM-teacher and let's assume that the teaching  had worked well.
Why then should it be necessary to assume or even to should have ever had to assume that Mr. Mahesh had been or would have had to be enlightened only because he had been able to teach transcending successfully to a certain amount of people?
Hadn't one be able to do so by onself as a non-enligthened TM-teacher as well?

The "transcending" is the one thing; mantra were a different thing anyway, Mr Mahesh used to say, "mantra" were just like a vehicle; it has some additional advantage but one might transcend via tasting, smelling, etc, too. He once said to TM-teachers at Arosa/Switzerland, Hotel Prätschli, about 1974 that they were supposed to be the specialists in transcending and that they should be able to transcend via tasting, too - for instance, he then explained in some details how one might do that; that's really simple.
Thus all those authors, homepages, books, etc which claim that TM would be nothing but worshipping Indian, hinduistic gods/God are just wrong and I'm a witness for that.

Changes in the TM-teaching as such:

But he had been teaching: "We practise it alone; only couples might practise it together."
And those who had been at the course at Kössen/Austria in atumn 1971 can know one example of reported experience of  a full-aged TM-practioneer why that's very necessary.
Thus all those big huge mass-TM-sittings of these days cannot be appreciated by me; no-one can expect  me to do so.
At Kössen Mr. Mahesh hadn't replied to that man: "Then you must have made some mistake in your meditation; TM is for transcending, it's for reducing even the mental activities." or some similar sentence. He had answered as  a matter of fact  "So it's alright"; may be he didn't want to say anything and thus said something that shouldn't mean anything.
But that reported - very individal - "TM-experience" - what I wouldn't call a result of TM-practice anyway (that mancannot have stuck to the instructions for proper TM-practice and that's obvious) remains as a matter of fact.

They even try for a "super-radiance-effect" these days:
They should really only apply those vibrations onto their own; in other words "apply your vibrator to yourself!"
If one asks God to help someone - Fine it remains the affair of God whether he does it or not and it'll be God's affair (....or gods' affair....) if that person would not want to be helped by God, gods etc.
If one sits to produce "thrills", "vibrations", "waves" etc then there won't be God necessarily in between the producer and the influenced ones and that wouldn't be ok at all.
See one practises TM and , let's assume, experiences deep rest, relaxation, restful alerntness, transcending, "turya", momentary samadhi.
Ok, all that the individal can experience in the context of proper meditation, he/she might experience it repeatedly, regularily - fine. Such statements would thus be verifyable by ordinary humans. That had been that basic teaching until about 1975/1976. (Something like "TM is the practical aspect of the sicence of creative intelligence; it gives the experience" is said in those SCI-courses (...which aren't perfect but give some information inspite of it..)
Now, one thing has been part of the TM-practice: "The contents of thought - if any come at all - have no importance".
Thus it is absoluteley impossible to verify a statement like "if 1% of a city population practise TM then the crime rate will go down", etc. Such a statement just cannot be verified by TM-practise and everyone who ever has learnt  TM knows that very well. Such a statement might be taken care of by profesional mathematicians who got experts in the ffield of statistics. It can't be dealt in a reasonable manner by the vast majority of the humans.  That is why it had been nonsense to ever had tried to make use of that 1%-study in the context of spreading TM etc.
It would have been better (-> decision taking theory) to look at the 1%-study as a sort of "expressed asumption of innocence","highly academic thoughts of some statistician/~s"  or some such thing.
Yet somehow Mr. Mahesh - or that board of directors? or both? - got crazy and made a sort of "belief" out of it. Thus he suddenly started to violate his statements like "it's all scientific" , "anyone can verify it by himself", "one practises it for oneself", "only couples might practise TM together".

A severe problem in the context of Mr Mahesh's teaching/saying activities has been that he didn't quote properly.
That story about "Waking, dreaming,sleeping and there were/is a fourth state of consiousness" can be found in those "Shiva Suktas" (->turya), written long before Mr. Prassad.
The "Yoga Vasishta" has been talking about an "absolute consciousness" that's at the beginning and end of this whole world. Thus Mr Mahesh's theme of "pure consiousness" has a further source there, too.
Very badly done - in that respect - is his "new translation on the Bhagavad Gita" which had been done by taking all available translations and only in case none could please Mr Mahesh then Mr Vernon Kaatz made a new translation until Mr Mahesh had been satisfied. Only in a few cases a real new translation of some verse had been done, according to Mr. Mahesh's own lecture about that. (...Ok, Mr. Mahesh admitted all that in the context of TM-teachertraining course - at least that one I had attended in Playa la Antilla/Spain march to May 1973...)
Why didn't he quote poperperly?  Only the commentary  seems to have been really very much done by himself.
As a physist (B.A. or diploma doesn’t matter) Mr. Mahesh should really have known that he would have had to quote properly.
Ok, may be one can look at it as a sort of collage; but then all such things aren't contributions to Science but pieces of  Art. May be,  more or less useful pieces  got into those collages, may be certain really true and meaningful phrases got into it - may be.
May be those meaningful pieces are like maps of a treasure and those who might read those maps might get to that treasure - may be, may be.

(By the way, that story from Mr. Duke Elington I wrote about is to be found at Baedeker,6th edition, 2009, page 157
The head line is “further source of misunderstandings”).


"Saraswati Stotra translated by Sir Arthur Avalon"  is an interesting text (especially if one compares the mentioned mantras (for instance to be found in the book "Zauberformel TM" as mentioned earlier) with those that are found in the internet and which are said do to be "TM-mantras" there) and in such texts one ffinds expressed those general teachings of Mr Mahesh in short, too.
Sometimes such texts state that the one or the other mantras are used by those gods themselves ("is thy favourite mantra") and thus using them cannot mean necessarily to worship any Hindu-God or Hindu Godesss.
That makes it escpecially interesting.

For instance:
3 is Thy most pleasing bija,
4 O Thou whose moon-like
5 beauty is heightened <<

5 is Thy favourite mantra,
Thou who art both form and formlessness,
6 Who art the wealth of the lotus face of the lotus-born,
7 Embodiment of all gunas,
8 yet devoid of attributes,
9 Changeless, and neither gross nor subtle.
(Saraswati Stotra translated by Sir Arthur Avalon,
from the TANTRASARA)

Sir Avalon is of importance in this context because he had died before Mr Mahesh had went to Swami Brahmanda Saraswati and thus can be taken to be indipendent to all those disputes about Mr Mahesh Prasad.

Wikipeda says. >>Sir John George Woodroffe (1865–1936), also known by his pseudonym Arthur Avalon, was a British Orientalist whose work helped to unleash in the West a deep and wide interest in Hindu philosophy and Yogic practices.<<

Once more in this text it says for instance:  

5 is Thy favourite mantra"

For sure it doesn't say anything like "I Godess... would prefer most to be worshipped by the mantra AIM".

Thus - as I already mentioned earlier -  TM doesn't use those mantras in a religious sense, It holds true that it is no religious practice. If someone makes some religious practise out of it, too - may be by doing a vouch to some God/gods to practise TM moring and evening , twice a day as having been taught - then that never has been anything else but an indivudal's decision and I never came along a situation in which some TM-teacher would have tried to give me such an advice during my time in the TM-movment. I also have mentioned that advanced TM-teacher traing course during which Mr. Mahesh expected from experience TM-teachers to be able to transcend through the sense of tasting, in the same natural, effortless, problemfree manner as they had been taughtwhen they had once got initiated. 

According to Wikipedia Mr. Mahesh was born on the 12th of january 1918 and he died on the 5th of feburary 2008. Sir Avalon - Sir John George Woodroffe - died 1936. Mr. Mahesh had been of about 18 years at that time. Mr. Mahesh hadn't yet started to study physics and hadn't been with Swami Brahmanda Saraswati at all.

The translations done by Sir Avalon cannot be taken as anything else but independent of Mr. Mahesh Prasad Varma.

(...See for instance: The Online Books Page, Online Books by John Geroge Woodroffe (Woodroffe. John Geroge, Sir, 1865-1936): -> "Hmyns to the Goddess",  ->" Sarasvati (Sarasvatistotra) from the Tantrasara....

or - may be; I still have to check it -:

Hymns to the goddess

Von:transl. from the Sanskrit by Arthur ... Avalon

Verf./Bet.Person:Woodroffe, John George



Erscheinungsjahr:1913 Umfang:XII, 179 S.

for instance available at Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München) 

The "Shiva Suktas" deal with the theme "mantra", too. The Shiva Suktas - I read an Internet-"Distribution" if them, explain the exictence of a fourth state of consciousness (besides waking, dreaming and sleeping ) which gets named "Turya" there. It seems that quite a lot of that basic logic got into the introductory lecture about "TM".

Searching for the source of the TM-mantras:

Any TM-meditator can easily look up what he can ffind about his private mantra
by means of the internet these days.
He/she might use the internet in that manner that hides his identity.
In the internet one can ffind different lists of TM-mantras and it's interesting
that they show quite a lot of „saying the same“.
One can use literature, too.
There is a biography about Ramkrishna that says that Ramakrishna has done
tantric experiments at the end of his life. It's interesting that in the books
about yoga it has been impossible to me to find any of those TM-mantras according to those lists of the internet. But in that context of tantric experiments and Ramkrishna touching around by his feet at the breast of one of his female pupils I could find one of those so-called „TM-mantras“.
With that information I once continued my search in tantric literature and
in that book of Mookerjee „the great world of Tantra“ (German Translation by
O.W. Barth Verlag „Die große Welt des Tantra“) I found a tantric ceremony.
That ceremony contains about 1/3 of the so-called „guru puja“ but instead
of it being dedicated to/ associcated with Swami Brahmanda Saraswati as it is in case of that „TM-puja“ in that tantric ceremony it is dedicated to Shakti, the daughter of Rishi Vasishta who has been regarded to be a great fully realized yogi similar to her father.
In the text of that ceremony one can easily ffind about 50% of those words
that are said to be „TM-mantras“ according to those lists of TM-mantras that are available in the internet.
I extended my search to futher books of Mookerjee by means of that famous
library in Munich (it's one of those famous three stately libraries, the others are in New York and London; any book with an ISBN-number that has been published
is available in those libraries according to an international contract) and
I have found among others a book named „Tantra Asanas“. There I have found
the link to a classic tantric text that started like

my dearest mantra
thou art form and formless<<

(After all exactly that text I quoted from Sir Avalaon above already; only the Mantra in this case is "AING" and not "AIM".)
Thus I have come to the conclusion that TM is a „tantric meditation“ practise
and that explains rather well why Mr Mahesh Prassad Varma had made that rule:
„Those of minor age musn't be initiated without written permission of their parents at all!“, „Only couples may practise TM together“, „practise it at home in your own private room“, etc.

Of course even Shri Aurobindo once said that „tantra“ were a really great and important thing but that it would have been very badly misunderstood.
It's obvious that TM hasn't anything in common with those „sex-practises“
as they are known from those who „teach tantra“ here and there these days.

It's interesting in this respect that one can ffind - as mentioned in detail already - a translation of that text „Sarasvatistotra“ done by „Sir Avalon“ in the internet.
Sir Avalon had been dead many years before Mr. Mahesh had started to teach as mentioned already.  Sir Avalon thus can't has written his translation neither in favour of Mr Mahesh nor against Mr. Mahesh.
That translation shows that at least some of the classical Indian mantras
are not talked about as „prayer to some God or Godess“ but as mantras
which are used by Gods themselves and which are highly appreciated by the Gods.
Thus one can see clearly that „TM-approach“ of a „good scientiffic manner“
„TM is a natural, scientiffically approvable technique for gaining deep rest,....“ really is thus maintained in classical Indian texts.

Once I have looked up for those mantras mentioned in that text, named "Saraswatistotra"

Regarding the above quoted sylable "AING" I found - at YouTube - a man chanting that as mantra. Everyone who has learnt TM knows that the TM-technique of using the mantra is very different from that.

Thus the TM-mantras are not necessary anyway as explained because one can transcend throught the sense of tasting etc equally well - as explained already -. Even if one finds such a so-called TM-mantra and looks into the Internet what one can find about it, then the result mustn't be TM-practise at all, as shown.

The TM-technique is a thing of its own, it can be applied to some classical mantras and in that case the mantras add some additional value according to what Mr. Mahesh has said repeatedly. But it just can't make sense to make a big fuzz about them.  

The transcendental meditation technique might come from Swami Brahmanda Saraswati who got it - may be - from his Master Swami Krishnanand. Anyway it's something special and those attempts to make something like that by themselves - as seemingly tried by some psychologists, etc -  is rather unscientific. Swami Brahmanda Saraswati never initiated Mr. Mahesh into sanyasin and thus hasn't choosen him for teaching. That might explain why some of the TM-Mantras as statetd by different authors are genuine, classical vedic mantras; others cannot be found in the classical scriptures. One TM-teacher, who had died already, Max Aigner, once has told me - he had talked about that theme from his own surprisingly - that he had got just two mantras by Mr. Mahesh in the context of the initiation to be an TM-initiator: One for girls/ladies and one for boys/males. Thus the mantras - for sure - cannot be emphasized to much in the context of evaluation of TM. 

Kundalini and TM:

Mr. Mahesh once has been asked by a young lady from USA (according to her slang) about Kundalini; she reported to have some Kundalini-experiences.
Mr Mahesh asked the audience (about 1973 to 1974, Arosa, Siwtzerland) „who else has that experience“ and quite a lot have raised their hands. Finally Mr Mahesh asked: „who has that experience of Kundalini flowing all through up to the top of the head?“. A few have raised their hands still; he then has shouted rather angrily: „Raise your hands!“ A few more have raised their hands; it were about 2o persons.
Interesting in that context is that in Germany psychiatrists have called
„Kundalini-Experience“ mental sickness and they have done that even in the context of compulsary medical treatment ( At least in that case it hadn't been anything else but torture, persuation, etc).
Thus all those people from India who take into account to go to Germany for
work should be well informed:
If they practise Yoga for a better life as did for instance Gopi Krishna
(→ his book „Kundalini“, German translation published by O.W. Barth Verlag)
and if they happen to awaken Kundalini then they might be thrown into psychiatry compulsarily and they might be persuaded because of that. Even if Kundalini
doesn't prevent them from doing a good enough job well, even if Kundalini and their way of life together with - for instance - „TM“ had improved their „eyes“ ( -5,5 instead of at least -8.0 not more than 4 years before, etc!)they might be prevented from further employment in their profession (...according to their high educatedness, professionality, qualiffication...) for the rest of their lifes; at least one such case has happened in Germany!
Now the question is how could the state authorities have got to know about who has Kundalini experience and who not?
They might have had their spies in such meetings in which Mr Mahesh had been
asked such questions and in which Mr Mahesh had – uncautionously – re-asked
and even re-asked in that „rather shouting manner“ as he had done those days in Switzerland.

Final part: about such a sort of teaching:

Let's aussume some professor of, let's say, mathematics has decided to write a book about some subject of mathematics.
His long year secretary has offered him to do the typewriting.
That long year secretary might have been someone who had studied a few years
of mathematics even but may be he/she hasn't been able to finish that

Now isn't it strange if suddenly that secretary starts to give lectures
on the basis of that book?
Wouldn't it be rather strange if some student of that subject wouldn't go
to the professor in charge of that seat of learning at that present time
but would  to go to that man who had been the secretary of that professor who had once written that book?

Now, of course it might be the that such a former secretary serves as
a private tutor (the german word would be „Nachhilfelehrer“).
Fine that might very well be and it might be for good if done in a serious manner.
Of course even professors at the university happen to make mistakes here
and there sometimes and even in books of mathematics one can find sometimes
some mistakes in the context of a proof, example etc.
Thus one mustn't judge about mistakes done by such a private
tutor in a stricter manner.

As long as a private tutor really has a suiting competence such „sort of teaching acitivities“ shouldn't be a real problem (...especially in the case that that student goes to a real professor, too and doesn't just go to his private tutor.....)

If a student uses good literature from different qualified specialists in addition smaller mistakes here and there should really be managed sucessfully
by such a student.
A good compentent private tutor might really be a good help.

In that sense something like that teaching activities of Mr. Mahesh Prassad
might be understood properly.
Just as there are organizations that organize private tutors there might
be an organization that handles those „TM-teachers“. Why not?

I don't want to judge about that teaching about transcending, the used
mantras, etc.
But just as such a student with a private tutor usually handles that situation I think that it's very necessary and one's good right to make use of one's freedom and to inform oneself about the original professor, the author of that assumed „book“ and – above all - to listen to the lectures of the true orderly
professors and the one who is holding that seat of teaching at the present.

A „private tutor“ is a suplementary someone and neither less nor more.

After all it's up to the single indiviuals if they decide to go for a private

If a private tutor has proper insurance in case of severe mistakes in the
context of his teaching activities the risk might be little.
If the private tutor hasn't any insurance and no insurance company agrees
in insuring that private tutor  then the risk would certainly be rather high.

See it's the same problem as in case of „mountain guides“. Many people who have been walking up the mountains have thought themselves to be able to guide
others into the realm of the mountains some day..
As a matter of fact that might end with sudden death.
Even the problem of sickness of height isn't known to many of those
„private tutors“, those private sort of „mountain guides“.

Once one understood the dangers at a height more then 3000 m, one's readiness
to follow a not well trained private tutor will have become at least very little.
Mr. Reinhold Mesner used to say something like: „the world of high mountains starts at a height of more than 2500 meters and ordinary people shouldn't really go there on their own“.


I wish you all good,


Remarks in the context of  the Patanjali Yogasutras


I quote from: "Internet Sacred Text Archive" 

(in the "about" one I have read: This site is a freely available archive ofelectronic texts about religion, mythology,legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics.Texts are presented in English translation and,where possible, in the original language.)

"the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Threads of Union, Translation by BonGiovanni" 

It says at: <<

3.18 By self-control on the perception of mental impressions, knowledge of previous lives arises. << 

At ""Die Wurzeln des Yoga, die klassischen Lehrspräüche des Patanjali", O.W.Barth Verlag" (ISBN 3-502-67006-4) one can ffind as translation of this verse into German at page 143: 

"Durch die unmittelbare Erfahrung der unterbewußten Eindrücke erlangt man Wissen von der früheren Existenzen"

Thus Patanjali accepts or even states birth and rebirth. Because Rebirth might happen as an animal one comes to a very important conclusion in the context of the  verse 4.1 of Part Four:


4.1 Psychic powers arise by birth, drugs, incantations, purificatory actsor concentrated insight. <<

At ""Die Wurzeln des Yoga, O.W.Barth Verlag" (ISBN 3-502-67006-4) it says:"Die wunderbaren Fähigkeiten (siddhi) sind entweder angeboren  oder sie entstehen durch (medizinische) Pflanzen, durch heilige Worte (mantra), durch Askese oder durch Versenkung.". The word "mantra" is mentioned. 

>> 3.23 By self-control over any kind of strength, such as that of theelephant, that very strength arises.<<

(Page 154 in the book ""Die Wurzeln des Yoga, O.W.Barth Verlag" (ISBN 3-502-67006-4): >>24 Wendet man die "Sammlung" auf die Kräfte hin, so erlangt man Stärke wie die eines Elephanten oder anderer Wesen <<

>>3.20 By self-control on the form of a body, by suspending perceptibilityand separating effulgence therefrom, there arises invisibility andinaudibilty.<<  

(Translation into German for instance: page 152, verse 21 in the book ""Die Wurzeln des Yoga, O.W.Barth Verlag" (ISBN 3-502-67006-4)


Mr. Patanjali just discribes in an objective manner the situation of mind, yoga, so-called special abilities (which got translated as  "Divine abilities" in the above translation byBonGiovanni) and because certain species can have very special abilities (for instance: chimpanzees, those birds that ffind around the world in the context of summer and winter, etc) and all that are phenomenon of mind, spirit, etc Mr. Patanjali had to mention all that if he has wanted to be comprehensive. And for sure some animals can gain abilities of making themselves -more or less - invisible by planty drugs. And thus Mr. Pantanjali had no other choice but mentioning thus facts, too. It is very important for human readers to have a clear-minded look at such texts; otherwise one might be caught up in that ffield of illusion, misunderstanding, "Maya" about which for instance Mr. Shankara has written about. 

The important conclusion from this analysis is that if one has been born as an elephant one naturally has the strength of an elefant, if one is born as a bird one naturally can fly and if one is born as a chicken one can give one's eggs a special colouredness that makes them invisible in a vertain surrounding by just eating certain planty substances (...thus no "drugs" at all as misunderstood by so many people...) 

To be noted: One cannot derive from the "The Pantanjali Yoga Sutras" that taking drugs might ever result in enlightenment, any useful, "divine" ability, etc.

My teacher of Art at School, Mr Dieter Stöver, one's has explained to us that some artists take some drugs and afterwards they paint the world as they had seen it in that state of non-clearminded-ness as a result of the drugs they had taken. Mr. Stöver has continued in his lecture and has taught:  What those do cannot be called "Art" "at all.

Ideas in the context of  the Yogavasishta 

Absolute consciousness: 

Looking at the Yogavasishta and its teaching about Samsara one can notice
the following aspects:

A German politician, Mr Gregor Gysi, once said in an interview that he is
convinced that God/gods cannot exist because there is suffering in the world.
His line of reasoning has been: „If God might exist He/She/They would have made
an end to suffering of course at once“.

The Yogavasishata explains that this world were „SAMSARA“.
Western psychiatrists, scientists and also the Bible accept the phenomenon
of dream. Scientists are convinced that dogs – for instance – dream, too.
There is a movie with a sleeping dog whose legs suddenly make movements
as if he were running and the same time he starts to try to catch something – that in reality doesn't exist at all -  by means of his mouth.

If everything that can happen in this „real“ world might happen also in the world of dreams then it's a simple logical and rather obvious conclusion that this „real“ world might be nothing else but a dreamy world.
Thus in reality one would be in some real world and there one had fallen
asleep and had started to dream; thus „this“ life in this world would be that

If one would die in this world one would – in reality – wake up in the real
And the real world might very well be such that it's not possible to violate
any other creature, that world etc at all – because it might be done like that.
(Like tigers or lions in a well done zoo – they cannot injure or kill anyone
there and yet they get everything that they need for life.).

About the imposssability to proove the non-existence of God/gods

Because the suffering in this world thus wouldn't be “real“ and God/gods would
know that this „real“ world here is nothing but a dreamy world and all that suffering isn't anything but a sort of bad dreams  God/the gods wouldn't have
to do anything at all against suffering.
Thus the conclusion is that God/the gods might exist very well and that they are free and they don't have to do anything like what that politician Gregor Gysi had stated; they aren't something like slaves of some humans.
Similarily enligtend angels, demon Bali, the immortal bird Busunda,  etc might exist, too.
Of course there is no reason why God/gods,... might not be able to influence
happenings in this world; God/gods etc might help some in this world and
God/gods might help this world as a whole, too.
Someone has a bad dream and someone who is awake speeks soothing words and the badness of  the dream usually stops and often the one who has been sleeping didn't even wake up.

Law of Karma:

Similarily it's obvious that  something like a „Law of Karma“ might also exist.
As long as someone is still dreaming of killing, sexual violence, destroying the
primeval forests or as long as someone is still finding lines of reason
for killing, to which he/she/it has been clinching on he/she/it will have
less joy in the real world; his radius for activities will be less there.

Thus it's the logical conclusion that from that statement „this world might be a sort of dream“ it would be wrong to conclude that one might do whatever one just would want to do.

Birth and rebirth

Conceiving of the possibility that this world might be „SAMSARA“ a sort of dreamy world it's also the mere logical conclusion that there might be birth and
That's simple because „death“ in the SAMSARA-world would be nothing but waking
up in the real world.
One simple conclusion from this were that death penalty doesn't make sense
at all. Why? See of to some bad one would apply death penality then He/She
might return next day again. Next day would result in the fact that he/She hadn't  learnt anything new, etc. On the other hand He/She would have got a
new DNA, new identity, etc and thus a new chance for his/her eveil doings in
this world of SAMSARA.


Of course the Yogavasishta expresses basic values.
All four points (this world might be SAMSARA, God/gods,..might exist, a law of Karma might exist, too; there might be Birth and Rebirth) show that
the evil in this world of SAMSARA might be overcome by knowledge.
This SAMSARA world be in need of what sort of knowledge?
The knowledge about something that lays beyond waking, dreaming and sleeping.
(...The Shivasuktas eleborate on that, too and state that there is in addition „Turyia“, a fourth state beyond waking, dreaming and sleeping...).
How to get to Turyia? That's the field of proper meditation.
Turyia has to do with knowledge.

And thus the Yogavasishta started with the statement that Rama's problems
wouldn't be a sickness but the result of lack of knowledge.
This shows that knowledge mustn't be denied. There might be a Law of Karma and
that is why one musn't do what one just desires to do.
Because this world might just be SAMSARA one might be in need of knowledge and thus one musn't deny or even fight „knowledge“.
Ny means of torturing animals, plants, nature, rivers etc one cannot expect to ever gain true, reliable knowledge.
As long as someone thinks that by means of causing suffering to others he/she
might get out of his own suffering, problems, etc he/she clinches on to suffering and thus just cannot get rid of it at all.

The Yogavasishta's starting point shows – as well as the starting point of the Bhagavad Gita – that a good teacher teaches the knowldge contained in the
Yogavasishta first.
It's obvious that it's nonsense to start even to teach without having been
able to teach properly the knowledge contained in the Yogavasishta.

What had been the basic mikstake of Rama and the Pandavas?
They had a very bad strategy. They had been blindly relying on God/gods and that
He/She/they would for certain take care of them and thus that something might be the will of God/gods or the strong advise of some enlightend being, etc.
The Pandavas had taken part in that gambling and Druyodhana had organized that gambling. Both had been lacking a well-done strategegy; both strategies had
been equally bad and inacceptable.
One musn't just take the risk to loose one's wellbeing, one's freedom,  etc and one mustn't risk that others loose their wellbeing, their freedom, etc.
This shows that also from the western point of „decision taking theory“, „game theory“, „vector optimization“, etc, one comes to the same insight that they
had been lacking some very important knowledge.

Conceiving of this one comes to the result:
Violating this world, killing, etc cannot be a good strategy at all.
It's obvious that mankind has the ability to live in a safe, good vegeterian
manner, etc (I have explained that already; of course a lion that just wanted to play with a human might injure that human very severely by mere chance; it's because that lion is heavier, etc – one mustn't mix it up,
by the way the TV-channel „ZDF“ once reported that lions use to nourish themselves for about 50% by means of naturally having died animals anyway; it's only difficult to film that. Recently a TV-movie has shown a flock of 100 000's of Karibus together and a wolf has tried to get one to kill it; the wolf has tried very hard and over and over again he has started to run after them and one of it; finally he has been exhausted. Obviously „20 years of lifespan totgether with 365 days a year and 100 000 Karibus together“ results in a certain amount of naturally dying Karibus every day - there will be a certain statistical disribution-  ; thus its a matter of waiting, feasting some days, not over-exhausting oneself to be able to feast some days etc and balance in the populations of the different species. There are those animals who can nourish temselves vegetarianly and also in that other way. In  case too many natural died animals would ly around those would be able to „help“...
Better and more easy than to kill the snow-leopards, those admirable animals
would for certain be if some realized yogi who feels his end coming very soon
takes a last walk of pilgrimage up to the snowy world of the snow leopards,
he/she takes along with Him/her some natural having died animals that he/she
might happen to have found while taking that last walk.
Then he feeds some coming snowleopard, makes friends with him, shares his last
warmth of his body with him, protects him a little bit from the cold winds by means of his something like 8okg, something like 1,80 meters of length,etc and finally after his Mahasamdhi has given some additional food to his last, very intelligent, very beautiful, may-be even fully realized yogic and lovingly friend of this world of SAMSARA.
That would be a rather comprehensive theme....); that's one of mankind's possibilities for a strategically well-done way of life.
Worse than that cannot be a useful strategy at all.

There is that certain „as good as poosible“ in addition that „good enough“.
Buddha has said once (it is said that) that too much of askese would cause
more damage than it might yield advantages.

In that sense such a lifestyle can very well conceived of and be understood as a strategical something as well.

ffinal remarks

Let's think of a young man who is very intelligent according to his very good marks at school.
He has majored in that rejection of those cruel animal experiments.
His knowledge about chemistry and those tables (...containing reliable information  about how much of vitamins, proteins, fat, energy, etc are contained in for instance 100g  of corn,rice, bees, apples,oranges are contained....)  is such that the protein contained in soya would be the same as the protein contaiend in flesh an thus he is well prepared and ready for a vegetarian way of life.
He is able to read in English and ready to go for understanding Indian philosophical texts properly.
He has a very good chance for a great carreer  and without
engaging into those bad actitivities of killing, poluting the environment,
destryong primeval forest, killing trees, etc.
he is still of minor age and thus cannot accuse someone at the court etc.
If someone has added compulsarily TM to that life and nothing else has come out but poverty, getting persuaded by his soiciety and finally also by more or less individals of the TM-movement, etc then it's obvious that something must have been basically wrong in that „TM“-stuff!
Hadn't they promised: „It's all in accordance with day-to-day life. It's like tooth-brushing?“
Has tooth-brushing ever resulted in getting persudaded, loss of even possibility to make a well-enough available good carreer, being prevented from doing one's study with full concentration, etc?
Well-brushed teeth improve the learning ability because those acids in the
mouth cannot bother the body and thus disturb one.

An adult has felt himself persuaded because someone had put up lectures for him, even he had tried to say that he wouldn't want to lecture out of principle.
The result of that adult's acitivities is – among others -that a/some youngster/~s has been/have got persuaded, TM-initiation has been done even so he/she/they had said clearly that they will never get the written permission of their parents and even though the youngster/~s has said clearly and in the mother-tongue of the TM-teacher and his own one „Doesn't matter, I might come in about 2 years; I'm not fond of learning it now at all. I won't get the written permission by my parents either“, advertisment-activities have been organized for that youngster even though he has said „I don't want to do that!“, lecturing has been organized for him even though that youngster hasn't wanted it to be done, etc and by means of all that together his carreer has got destroyed by those adults before the carreer could have started.    

If all that happend like that then obviously and undoubtably something very fundamental must have been wrong in those organizations who have dealt with that or even have been founded to serve that adult, for example Mahesh Yogi from India!  

It really would have been better if they would have put that adult into a sort of prison – 1 day should have really been enough in that case - for the sake of learning because of his obvious inability to handle the words „yes“ and „no“ in the required manner! 

As a matter of example, one basic mistake in the TM-movment was that - in my own case - many TM-teachers had known that I had been of minor age but there hadn't been a simple possibility for them to check it. The TM-teacher who had initiated me had made a mistake - no doubt - and some TM-teachers since then felt as if engaged by my parents to co-educate me by their, sometimes really strange and harmful methods of education.  Again a case of that problem of snake and rope: They felt engaged but never had been. They didn't  take it to be their right, no they even had taken it to be their duty. When I tried to - at least - inform the TM-teachers about what had happened (..quite a couple of years later after I had been able to escape from those who had persuaded me very cruelly and harmfully ..) there had been one TM-teacher who didn't even now want to accept that fact and replied: "You had falsified the written permission of your parents". What a cruelty! I never had falsiffied it nor have I ever told such a nonsense to anyone! If someone cannot believe that fact he might follow the advice of Shankara and have a close look to it: Mr Manfred Haas had initiated me in the middle of March 1973. 

A few, even quite a lot of, TM-teachers including Adolf Beck, Thurid Müller and Dr. Peter Hellerich, had been able to behave well and out of principle had behaved in that helpful digniffied manner that hadn't been in contradiction to the basic principles of what had been the general education at stately schools under the guidance of the allied military goverment that hade taken care of Germany after world war II.

Others had behaved at least well enough. 

But dangerous had been those rather few who had been on their esoteric trips.  

But even more dangerous had been those who had submerged the TM-movement, including those from the German secret services. One of them once had happened to sit besides me in an airplane and we talked with each other (those days I hadn't yet got known by chance why He had been in the TM-movement in reality); had asked him why he had started TM and he had reasked me and I had told him that story about that teacher at schooll and his awful mistake (....because I used to tell the truth if someone wanted to know that...). Now abour 2 hours later he happened to make a servere mistake by a wrong not safely given  advice and the natural result had been that I kept myself away from him, from him who had been - I didn't know those days because he had been a secret service man - in charge of those of minor age in the TM-movement. By his mistake he had happened to take care that he had got rid of that stately duty of his and thus abviously he had brought himself into the position that he had been unable to help me in opposition to what had been his duty, the duty for which he had been paid for by the state.

Anotherone came to me to get initiated someday in 1973; he had said that he had been a close co-worker of priest Haak (..who has written quite a lot of books which are not written out of objectivity as he wrote in his last book "Gurismus"; he wrote very critical und rather against TM; he had taken a 1-year information-tour througout all of India and he had returned from it deathly sick; 1 year later he had died...). Shortly before Priest Haak has died I had met him and had asked him about that man and whether he ever had been his co-worker: Priest Haak said that that man had never been a co-worker of Him and that he didn't know him.

Thus also rather strange kind of people had been moving around in the TM-movement and for sure not all had been in favour of Truth.

TM isn't enough; one has to be able to take care of one's day-to-day life"" and it is that ageold problem in the ffield of practising Yoga as mentioned in a CD-booklet of Anuradha Paudwal: "How to bring together Day-to-day Life and spirituality?  

remark: I plan to improve the text regarding mistakes of typewritting, mistakes due to my limited skills in English language, etc